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Whether your photographic memories are prints or slides, we can scan and preserve those moments for you. Bulk scanning is also available. If you are looking to save your memories or downsize space, don???t risk losing photos by having them scanned to digital media. Talk to us about the scanning options available to meet your needs.


We scan slides, prints, and negatives of all shapes and sizes to CD or DVD. All scanning services are done in-house by our experienced technicians so your treasured memories do not leave our store or care.


Don't miss using current technology to bring your images forward for future generations. Otherwise, you may risk losing your most precious memories forever.


Our pricing is based on resolution required and also the quantity of scans requested. The more you scan, the more you'll SAVE!


As this is a very popular service, it is a good idea to call ahead to determine turn-around times for larger scanning jobs that are required quickly!


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Fast Facts on our Scanning Services:

1. We scan slides, photos, & negatives of all shapes and sizes.

2. We adjust every scan for colour and density.

3. All completed scan jobs are burned to an archival CD or DVD.

4. Index prints are included with every CD or DVD for easy ordering of prints and enlargements.


In 50 years, will your children have old photos to look at? The answer to this question is largely dependent upon what you do today and what you do to store and archive your prints and digital images.


Do make prints - Photographic prints can last for nearly 100 years when stored correctly so always print your favourites.


Digitize your prints - Have your old prints, slides, and videos placed on an archival DVD for safe keeping.

Use high-quality storage devices & DVD's - Far too many people are storing their digital images and videos on a single hard drive in the family computer. This is DANGEROUS! Hard drives fail. It's not a question of if, but when.





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A family-owned and operated business serving the photographic industry since 1928! We are also a full-service print lab and offer passport services, in-house scanning and video transfer, as well as a huge assortment of in-house produced photo gifts.

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