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Bird Films has been a family-owned and operated business serving the photographic industry since 1928. Originally situated in downtown Regina, Saskatchewan, the company started with the basics selling Kodak cameras, film and associated accessories. Dick Bird, the founder of Bird Films, was a pioneer in the industry and became famous and world renown for his many exploits in the photographic field. He became most notably known for his filming and capture of such major world events as the Spanish Civil War, Hitler Youth rallies, WW II, and famine in China. Over the years, Mr. Bird's love for nature photography found him crossing paths with Walt Disney for whom he eventually worked with for many years.


In the late 1960's, Mr. Bird passed the business on to his son-in-law Olaf (Ollie) Kaad. Mr. Kaad operated Bird Films from 1967 through to the mid 1990's. In the late 1990's, Mr. Kaad passed the company on to his grand-daughter, Lori and her husband Marshall Desjardins. They have been operating the business since 1998 but Lori has actually been involved with the business since the late 1970's.


Bird Films has evolved with the ''Digital Age'' and become a specialty photographic outlet offering traditional digital cameras, associated accessories and hardware for all photographers. Bird Films is widely regarded for their photofinishing excellence as they have been personally serving the Regina market and area since 1985 when they purchased the city's first photofinishing mini-lab. Their reputation in the area of picture printing is unsurpassed. In recent years, they have grown their business with the addition of such photo services as scanning, video transfer, photo restoration, wall art decor and a full line of in-house produced personalized Photo Gifts.


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A family-owned and operated business serving the photographic industry since 1928! We are also a full-service print lab and offer passport services, in-house scanning and video transfer, as well as a huge assortment of in-house produced photo gifts.

Bird Films

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